‘Monkey Man’ Makes Waves at SXSW Premiere - Stage23
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‘Monkey Man’ Makes Waves at SXSW Premiere

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‘Monkey Man’ Makes Waves at SXSW Premiere

Director Dev Patel and Producer Jordan Peele have made a big impression at SXSW following the screening of Monkey Man. Stage23 proudly brought the VFX for this raw and ambitious action movie to life. Following a raucous standing ovation from the crowd, Dev dived into the cultural meaning behind his directorial debut.

“I really wanted to touch on the caste system in India,” Patel explained. “You have the poor at the bottom, slaving away in the kitchens. Then you go up to the land of the kings. Above them is God — a manmade God that’s polluting and corrupting religion.”

Make sure you check out Monkey Man on the big screen! You can read more about the SXSW screening here.

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